What is assisted living?

Assisted living offers individuals the help they need with the tasks of daily living, a residential community that supports and encourages their independence, and opportunities to live a full and engaging life.

Is AD2LUV a licensed provider of assisted living? Does that really matter?

Yes – and Yes! High quality providers of assisted living, like AD2LUV, have one thing in common – they are licensed and regulated by the state. Licensing ensures appropriate staffing levels, physician-certified care plans, staff training, and medication administration. Don’t assume a provider is licensed just because they call themselves “assisted living.” A quick look around the entrance will tell you if it is a licensed community or not, as the state requires licenses to be displayed prominently at the entrance.

Is there a doctor or nurse on duty?

Our facilities have a licensed nurse available as needed.

Do you have a house physician?

No. Residents continue to see their own physicians. AD2LUV is available to assist residents with transportation to their doctor’s office as needed.

What accommodations are available?

AD2LUV offers residents a choice of either private or semi-private rooms.

What services and amenities are included in the monthly rate?

  • Three delicious, nutritious meals plus snacks are provided in the community dining room.
  • Medication management
  • Regular and often daily wellness activities, social events and devotional services
  • Shopping and leisure excursions in the community van
  • Coordination with a resident’s personal physician
  • Housekeeping and personal laundry services

Can I live in assisted living if I need a wheelchair or walker to get around?

Yes. In fact, we have a facility which addresses the need for assistance with ambulation.

What are AD2LUV’s visiting hours?

When you live at AD2LUV, this is your new home. You are free to welcome and entertain guests. However, to ensure the safety of all our residents, visiting hours end at 10:00pm.

Is transportation provided for scheduled off-site appointments?

Yes. The staff of AD2LUV will arrange for transportation as needed.